Dodgson and Bell - The website of Dodgson's Fineral Service in Knutsford & George Bell Funeral Service of Northwich


We have prepared this information to assist at a time of bereavement and hope that you will find it clear and well presented. Important points concerning funeral arrangements, which will require action and decisions, are clearly indicated but we also endeavour to cover other necessary aspects at the appropriate time.

What you need to do

We are an independent family owned and run business covering Knutsford, Northwich and surroun- ding areas. Three generations of our family have served our local community for over 60 years providing tailor made funerals to individual requirements. We are proud of our reputation built over many years and strive to give service second to none.

Dodgson's Funeral Service

Business commenced in the early 1950's under the name Thomas Johnson & Co. Tom was a well known local business man and chairman of Knutsford Conservative Club. Funeral Directors in those days often evolved from other business such as builders or cabinet makers. Tom's business was no exception as he owned a taxi business which developed into funeral work. Tom's daughter Ann was brought up assisting her father in the business. Anticipating that her involvement with the company would be at an end with the retirement of her father and having married Barri Dodgson during his career as a Chemical Engineer, it came as something of a surprise to learn of her husband's interest in continuing the business. Dodgson's Funeral Service was born in 1973 and now owned by Barri & Ann Dodgson. After gaining the National Association of Funeral Directors and the British Institute of Embalmers qualifications, the business' good name grew quickly. Barri invested in a fleet of brand new vehicles, the first in the area. Since then, the fleet has grown to include two 2 hearses, 2 limousines and numerous other vehicles to cope with ever increasing demand. We have run Mercedes for the last 16 years and replace the fleet every 4 years keeping them in tip top condition. Barri and Ann's son Damian joined in 1994 and is now managing the business as his parents approach retirement.

George Bell Funeral Service

George continued his father's funeral business established in 1910 and was a great character of Northwich. He seemed to know everyone directly or indirectly and built up the most successful business in the area. He and Barri Dodgson became friends through business and helped each other when needed. George's children had chosen to follow different professions and so when it became time to retire, he asked Barri to buy the business. George had had offers from many larger firms but wanted Barri to take over and continue to run things the way it should. George and Barri worked together for 2 years until George's retirement in 1984. It was then that Barri bought and renovated the old Octel laboratory a few doors down in Lostock Green. Greenacre Funeral Home was the new headquarters of George Bell Funeral Service and has been our home ever since. Barri, his wife Ann and their son Damian have run the business since, building on George's good reputation of a professional service with a personal touch.