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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Bacon, William Charles Edward 'Teddy' formerly of Alpraham, Cheshire      
Bailey, Alice Rudheath, Northwich    
Bailey, George Overdene Nursing Home and of Jackson's Turn, Anderton      
BAILEY, MARK Castle      
Baker, June Rudheath    
Baldwin, Diane Knutsford    
Ball, Harold Keith Plumley  
Bannister, Jean Lostock Gralam    
Bannister, Reg Sandiway      
Banton, Joseph Davenham Hall, Northwich & formerly of Wolverham Road, Ellesmere Port      
Barker, Polly Winnington  
Barker, Alan Davenham      
Barlow, Sidney Davenham    
Barlow, Alma Northwich & formerly of Davenham    
Barnes, Victoria Knutsford & formerly of Wolverhampton, Pattingham and Bridgnorth      
BARNES, BERYL Barnton      
Barnett, Joyce Lostock Gralam      
Barnfield, Leonard Sunrise, Mobberley & formerly of The Hill, Knutsford      
Barnfield, Leonard Sunrise of Mobberley, formerly of The Hill, Knutsford    
Barton, Audrey West Gorton, Manchester & latterly of Cornwall      
Barton, Nigel Formerly of Lostock Green & Grantham      
BARTON, IAN Davenham      
Baskerville, Ron Northwich and of Winsford    
Basnett, Les Pippins, Northwich      
Bass, Dorothy Holmes Chapel      
Bate, Jane Weaverham & formerly Northwich      
Bates, Eileen Rudheath  
BATES, JUNE Rudheath      
BATTEN, ALAN Castle      
BATTEN, ALAN Castle      
BATTEN, ALAN Castle      
Beardshaw, Michael Bernard Knutsford      
Beattie, Marjorie Lostock Gralam      
Bebbington, Geoffrey Castle      
Beckett, Elsie Cuddington & formerly Rudheath & Lower Peover    
Beckwith, Allen Northwich  
BEDDARD, EDITH Leftwich      
BEDDARD, EDITH Leftwich      
Beech, Irene Hartford & formerly Castle      
Beeson, Winifred Irene 'Rene' Mobberley      
Beilby, Randolph Knutsford      
Bell, Anthony Nicholas Winnington & formerly of Weaverham  
Bell, Lillian Hartford  
Bell, Albert Greenbank  
Bell, Leslie Davenham  
Bell, Keith Hartford & formerly of Barnton    
Bell, Lillian Berkshire & formerly of Longridge, Knutsford      
BELL, DOROTHY JOAN Davenham and formerly Lostock Green      
Belsham, Barbara High Legh      
Benson, James Knutsford    
Benson, Elizabeth Hartford      
Benson, Ronald Northwich      
Bentley, Colin Pickmere  
Beresford, Eric Formerly of Tabley Road, Knutsford      
BERESFORD, DORIS Beechwood      
Bernardo, Lauren Kate Northwich      
Bettina, Stewart Knutsford      
Bewsher, Keith Knutsford      
Biddle, Edna Antrobus    
BIllinge, Gordon Northwich      
Billington, Edna Mobberley and formerly of Knutsford      
Billington, Fanny Lostock Gralam      
Billington, Thomas Rudheath      
Billington, Alan Greenbank    
Billington, Arthur Formerly of Crossways Care Home & resident of Lostock Gralam      
Binnersley, Hilda Leftwich      
BIRCH, ANNA Northwich      
BIRCH, ANNA Northwich      
Birchall, Barry Rudheath    
Bird, David Knutsford      
BIrdsall, Harry Winnington  
Birkenhead, Kenneth Moulton & formerly of Leftwich  
Blackham, Cynthia Plumley    
Blackshaw, Timothy Melling Stretton    
BLAIN, ANNIE Northwich      
BLAIN, ANNIE Northwich      
Blake, Roy Rudheath    
Blake, Syd Northwich    
Blake, Mollie Acorn Hollow & formerly of Rudheath      
Bland, Joan Knutsford      
Bloor, Alan Northwich    
Bond, Sydney Davenham Hall & formerly Lostock Gralam  
Bond, Jessie Davenham Hall Nursing Home & formerly of Lostock Gralam    
Booth, George Frederick Northwich    
Booth, Annie Plumley      
Booth, Stephen Northwich & formerly of Knutsford      
Booth, Judy Northwich      
Bootland, Edward Great Budworth    
Bostock, Len Barnton  
Bostock, Colin Northwich      
Bott, Ian Knutsford & formerly of Grimsby      
Bott, Ian Knutsford & formerly of Grimsby      
BOUCHER, PHYLLIS Northwich      
BOUCHER, PHYLLIS Northwich      
Bowker, Doreen Mobberley & formerly Swiss Cottage, Whalley    
BOWKER, MOIRA ANGELA Woodley Stockport and formerly Northwich      
Bowyer, Denis Knutsford    
Bowyer, John Alan Rudheath    
Bowyer, Olive Leftwich & formerly Lostock Gralam    
Bowyer, Susannah Northwich      
Bowyer, Betty Lostock Gralam  
Bowyer, Peter Castle and formerly of Rudheath  
Bowyer, Mark Weaverham & formerly of Winnington      
BOWYER, JOHN Hartford      
Boyd, Michael Ollerton & formerly of Sale    
Boyd, Les Northwich & formerly of Weaverham  
Boyle, Thomas Northwich  
Boyle, Adam Rudheath  
BRACE, ROBERT Winnington      
Bradford, Tom Lower Peover  
Bradley, Freda Mary Davenham    
Bradshaw, Sheila Ann Knutsford    
BRADSHAW, PEARL Rudheath      
BRADSHAW, PEARL Rudheath      
Bradshaw, Pearl Northwich      
Bramhall, Patricia Northwich  
Bramhall, Betty Lostock Gralam  
Bramhall, Anthea Middlewich    
Brazel, Clive Geoffrey Galgate, Lancaster formerly Knutsford      
Briggs, Ronald Gaunt Lostock Gralam      
Brimelow, Gerald Hartford    
BRISTOW-ROLLS, JO Lostock      
Britten, Menna Mobberley  
Broadmeadow, William (Billy Trumpet) Leftwich    
Broadmeadow, Maureen Leftwich    
Brookes, Ellen Knutsford      
Broome, Thomas Knutsford      
Brown, Ethel Rudheath  
Brown, Donald Hartford & formerly of Nantwich      
Brown, Joyce Northwich    
Brown, Jennifer Northwich      
Buckley, Dylis Margery Nantwich  
Buckley, Alice (Tal) Northwich    
Buckley, John Rudheath  
Buckley, Joseph Leftwich  
Budden, David Weaverham    
Budden, Brian Northwich  
Burdon, Lilian Hartford      
Burgess, Daniel Martin Knutsford    
Burgess, Minnie Lostock Gralam      
Burgess, Elsie Hartford    
Burgess, Raymond Northwich    
Burrows, Kenneth Lower Peover    
Bushwell, Rita Florence Hartford      
Buswell, Marjorie Joan Weaverham    
Butler, Margaret Annie Goostrey    
Butterworth, Brian Barnton    
Byrne, Margaret Kingsmead & formerly of Northwich      
Byrne, Wilfred Over Peover