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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Bacon, John Knutsford    
Baker, Kenneth Weaverham    
Ball, John William Greenbank    
Bannister, Frederick Comberbach
Bannister, Betty Comberbach  
Barber, Grace Muriel London & Brighton      
Barber, Wilfred Northwich    
Barker, Verona Davenham      
Barlow, Irene Knutsford    
Barnes, Caroline Davenham      
Barratt, Ernest leftwich      
Barrow, James Bonson Lostock Green    
Bassett, Beryl Northwich    
Bassett, Kim Northwich      
Bassett, Reginald Maurice Pickmere    
Bate, Marjorie Northwich  
Bate, Kenneth Lostock Gralam    
Bates, Norman Castle    
Bates, Sydney Rudheath
Bates, Peter John Big Stone Goostrey  
Bates, John Rudheath    
Battisson, Dave Rudheath      
Bayley, Walter Audlem      
Beardshaw, Doris Maisie Knutsford      
Bebbington, Wilfred Leftwich    
Beckett, Elizabeth Annie Higher Marston
Beckett, Bernard Marston    
Beech, Doris Margaret Rudheath  
Begbie, Anthony Wincham  
Bell, Thomas Foden (Tom) Toft      
Bell, Mary Leftwich & formerly Rudheath
Bell, Kenneth James Cuddington, Northwich  
Bellis, Elizabeth Rudheath    
Bennett, John Hough Winnington      
Benson, George Alan Pickmere, Knutsford      
Bent, Joan Mary Holmes Chapel      
Bereziuk, Mary Doreen Cuddington      
Berry, Ruby Northwich & formerly Warrington  
Berry, William (Bill) Leftwich      
Berry, Eva Northwich    
Bickley, Emily Lostock Gralam        
Billington, Oswald Aston-by-Budworth  
Billington, Jane Lostock Gralam    
Billington, Donald Church Walk, Northwich    
Bingham, Florence Knutsford      
Birch, Lynda Widnes & formerly Comberbach      
Birkenhead, Peter John (Pete) Middlewich & formerly Northwich    
Birkenhead, Nellie Victoria May Castle  
Birkett-Hogg, Winifred Sheila Moulton & formerly of Davenham & Lostock
Birtwisle, Harold Ian Allostock & formerly Lostock Green  
Birtwistle, Edwin Roy Northwich
Blackburn, John Wincham  
Blackburn, John Mobberley      
Blackburn, William Mobberley, Formerley Little Bollington      
Blackhurst, Douglas Charles Knutsford  
Blackhurst, Peter Northwich    
Bland, Alice Wincham    
Blease, Constance Mary Northwich    
Blezard, Nora Knutsford      
Blockley, Roy Alpraham, Cheshire      
Blocksidge, Beryl Rudheath  
Bloor, Margaret Northwich  
Bloor, Mary Stevenson Mere
Bloor, Rodney Jackson Mobberley      
Blythe, Harry Lostock Gralam    
Blythe, Catherine Weir Lostock Gralam
Boczan, Bohdan Weaverham      
Boczan, Bohdan    
Bolshaw, Ethel Barnton & formerly of Antrobus      
Booth, Winnie Davenham    
Booth, Joan Rudheath  
Booth, Frank Rudheath  
Booth, Daniel Lower Peover    
Bowden, John Maurice Mobberley  
Bowe, Margaret Lostock & formerly Weaverham    
Bowe, Sarah Ann Lostock Gralam    
Bowyer, Susan Rudheath    
Bowyer, Ellen (Nell) Northwich      
Bowyer, William Rudheath      
Bowyer, Callum Bailey Lostock Gralam      
Bowyer, Janet Rudheath    
Bowyer, Harold Northwich      
Boyle, Winter Cyril Weaverham    
Braddon, Elizabeth Mary Goostrey      
Bradley, Eric Wincham & formerley of Knutsford      
Bradshaw, Keith Mobberley    
Bradshaw, Claude Knutsford    
Brady, Elsie Ellen Northwich      
Bramhall, John Middlewich & formerly of Lostock    
Bramley, Ronald Gordon Cranage, Cheshire      
Bratt, William Alan Winsford      
Brazendale, Thomas Edward Sandiway  
Brazendale, Marjorie Northwich      
Briggs, Edna Hartford      
Brindley, Eric Wincham      
Broadhurst, Herbert Knuutsford      
Brooker, Phyllis Northwich      
Brookes, Don Northwich  
Broughton, William Derrick Tabley
Brown, Helen Forbes Lostock Gralam  
Browne, Vera Hartford  
Buckeridge, Bill Agden, Lymm      
Buckham, Elizabeth (Bessie) Winsford & formerly North Seaton Colliery      
Buckley, Bramwell Castle  
Buckley, Walter Leftwich & formerly Castle      
Buckley, Jim Davenham    
Buckley, Reginald Brian (Reg) Rudheath & formerly Winsford  
Buckley, Jim Knutsford    
Buckley, Tom Northwich  
Buckley, Beryl Leftwich      
Buckley, Dorothy Rudheath    
Buckley, Hilda Moulton    
Buckley, Dorothy Allostock    
Buckley, Sydney Northwich  
Buckley, Frank Moulton      
Buckley, Mary Bramhall      
Bunby, Minnie Rudheath      
Burgess, Harry Winsford Form of Northwich  
Burgess, Doris Joan Northwich    
Burroughs, Charles Derrick Northwich    
Burroughs, Suzie Eve Leftwich      
Burrows, Ray Greenbank  
Burrows, Glenis Rudheath    
Burton, Maud Lostock Gralam    
Bush, Margaret Leftwich    
Buswell, Kenneth Hartford      
Buxton, May Cheadle