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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Cadwallender, David Moulton    
CAHILL, JAMES Mobberley      
Cain, Kenneth Lostock    
Cairns, Gwyneth Sandiway      
Canniffe, Mary Rudheath    
Capper, Anthony Preston Holmes Chapel      
Capper, Pieternella Plumley & formerly of Ooskapella, Holland      
CAPPER, JOSEPH Plumley      
Carlon, Mike Lostock Gralam & formerly Rudheath  
Carter, Mona Knutsford      
Cartwright, Stanely Leftwich    
Cash, Rosemary Mere, Knutsford      
Caulfield, Winifred Rangemore Care Home & formerly of Knutsford      
Chambers, Jack Holmes Chapel & formerly Wincham    
CHANTLER, FREDA Crosby      
Chapman, Andrew Northwich      
Chapman, Ian Leftwich, Northwich      
Chatburn, Sheila Pamela Plumley    
Cheetham, Brian Marston & formerly Pickmere    
Cheetham, Reginald Barnton & formerly of Weaverham    
Chesters, Lily Lostock Gralam      
Chesters, Margaret Mount Pleasant Nursing Home, Allostock & of Holmes Chapel      
Chesterson, Elinor Leftwich  
Chesworth, Arthur Lostock Gralam & formerly of Lostock Green    
CHINN, NELLIE Northwich      
Chrimes, Lilian Moulton & formerly of Lostock Gralam    
Christie, Mary Acorn Hollow Nursing Home & Northwich      
Chubb, Dennis Northwich    
Clapham, Stephen (Steve) Kenneth Northwich    
Clare, John F Northwich      
Clare, Cyril Barnton    
Clare, Brian Knutsford  
Clark, Vicki Winnington  
Clarke, Joan Elizabeth Hartford      
Clarke, Elaine Knutsford  
Clarke, Sonia Northwich      
Clarke, Judith Northwich    
Clarke, Lilian Lostock Gralam & formerly of Crossways & Birkdale Court, Northwich    
Claxton, Lorna Knutsford & formerly of Plumley      
Clegg, Norma Knutsford      
Clifton, Geoffrey Winsford & formerly of Witton Park, Northwich  
Clilfton, Ruth Winsford      
Clode, Lilian Knutsford      
Coane, Olive Hartford  
Coe, Rosa Allostock & formerly of Abbey Lane, Hartford      
Colclough, Pamela Lostock Gralam  
Cole, Geoffrey Toft, Knutsford    
Collilns, Peter Rudheath    
Colquitt, Thomas Weaverham, Cheshire  
Coney, George Sandiway      
Cooke, Bob Kingsmead & formerly of Rudheath    
Cooke, Geoff Northwich & formerly Rudheath  
Cooke, Nigel Castle, Northwich    
Cooksley, Sadie Northwich & formerly of Rudheath    
Cookson, Thomas Frank Agden Brook Farm, Agden    
COOP, Annie Formerly of Rochdale      
Cooper, Jeanne Leftwich, Northwich  
Corcoran, Mary Wincham, Northwich and formerly Waterloo    
Cordwell, Eric Knutsford    
Cordwell, Mary Knutsford & formerly of Lincolnshire    
Corker, Derek Northwich  
Corker, Raymond Northwich    
Cormack, Gordon Wincham      
Cornelius, Florence Ash Court, Knutsford & formerly Mere      
Coulson, John Alan Lower Withington      
Coulson, Doreen Wincham & formerly of Wythenshaw & Chorlton-cum-Hardy      
Coultas, Mary Sophia Elizabeth Lostock Gralam      
Court, Irene Lostock Gralam & formerly of Tarporley  
Cowan, Freda Hartford & formerly of Clarkston      
Cox, Colin Castle      
CRABTREE, BILL Barnton and formerly Winnington      
CRAGHILL , LES Middlewich & Northwich    
Crane, Joan Whalley Range, Manchester      
Crank, Jean Lostock Gralam  
Crawford, Thomas Northwich  
Creamer, Susan Mobberley  
Criddle, Elizabeth (Betty) Hartford and formerly of Radcliffe and Prestwich  
CRIPPS, CYNTHIA Northwich      
Critchley, Dorothy Ann Northwich      
Cross, Joyce Wincham & formerly Marston  
Cross, Patricia Lostock Gralam  
Cross, Harold Weaverham & formerly Castle  
Cross, David Rudheath      
Cross, David Rudheath      
Cross, Christine Grappenhall      
CROSS, DENNIS Lower Peover      
CROSS, JOHN Sandiway      
CROSS , HAZEL Hartford    
Crossley, Elizabeth Knutsford    
Crouchley, Alan Northwich    
CROUCHLEY, DORIS Northwich      
CROW, KEN Knutsford      
Croxton, Joyce Acorn Hollow Nursing Home & formally of Davenham    
Cureton, Barbara Formerly of Park Road, Hale      
Curwell, Winifred (Winnie) Northwich