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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Cade, Jane Sandiway      
Cadman, Margaret Leftwich        
Caffery, Joan Northwich      
Calderwood, Susan Knutsford    
Caldwell, Muriel Northwich      
Caldwell, Mary Winnifred Lostock Gralam  
Calladine, Mona Lostock Gralam  
Campbell, Neil Wincham  
Capper, Brian Northwich  
Capper, Dorothea Mary Rhead Holmes Chapel      
Capper, Frank Plumley, Knutsford      
Carmichael, John Knutsford      
Carpenter, Edna Knutsford      
Carr, Frances Ivy Tabley
Carr, Edwin Northwich    
Carrington-Brown, David Rudheath      
Carrington-Brown, Jean Weaverham    
Carter, George Northwich  
Carter, Irene Hartford    
Carver, Arthur Tregarthen Knutsford  
Casey, Barbara Delamere Park    
Chambers, Alice Sandiway      
Chantler, Elizabeth Mary Leftwich    
Charles, Betty Stretford      
Charlton, Peter Miles Cuddington    
Charlton, Nora Knutsford      
Cheadle, Dorothy Castle
Chester, John Northwich      
Chesterson, Dorothy Audlem      
Chorlton, George Alfred Knutsford      
Churchman, Caroline Knutsford      
Clapperton, George Barnton    
Clark, Jean Northwich & formeley of Thornaby      
Clark, Marian Frances Iris Cuddington  
Clarke, Les Lostock Gralam    
Clarke, Margaret Davenham & formerly Rudheath      
Clarke, Marjorie Winsford  
Clarke, Sheila Wincham  
Clarke, Sandra Rudheath  
Clarke, Geoff Wincham  
Clifton, Ann Wincham      
Clough, Kathleen Dora Blanche Great Budworth    
Clough, Ronald Holmes Wincham    
Coates, Cynthia Margaret Mobberley      
Cochlin, Edith Sandiway & formerly Whitchurch Hants    
Cochrane, Zephram San Francisco  
Colclough, Doris Knutsford  
Cole, Patrick London      
Cole, Joan Norley    
Collins, Frank Knutsford & formerly Wythenshawe      
Collins, Enid Barnton    
Colwell, Hugh Angus Knutsford and formerly Great Ayton      
Comline, Jean Frances Knutsford    
Conlin, Eileen Elizabeth Knutsford      
Connell, Brian Moulton    
Connor, Ethel Leftwich    
Cook, Olive Northwich    
Cookson, Frank Herbert Lymm  
Cooper, Joan Knutsford      
Cooper, Lizzie Hartford
Cooper, Florence Lostock Gralam      
Cooper, Norman Knutsford      
Corfield, Edith Mary Altrincham      
Coulburn, Emily Mary Pickmere  
Coupe, Madge Knutsford      
Couper, Mary Hartford        
Cowgill, Frederick William Norman Knutsford & formerly Holmes Chapel      
Cowley, Gladys Hartford  
Cox, Richard Charles Wincham, Northwich    
Coyle, Gary Rudheath  
Crank, Phyllis Mary Davenham    
Cranley, Alfred Walter    
Craske, Gertrude Brenda Hartford  
Crellin, John Davenham    
Crimes, Geoffrey Northwich    
Crisp, William Edward (Bill) Weaverham      
Crisp, Bernadette (Toni) Middlewich    
Crompton, Dorothy Allostock  
Cross, Edith Weaverham & formerly Castle & Rudheath  
Cross, Ethel Lostock & formerly Rudheath  
Cross, Nancy Lostock Gralam      
Crouchley, John Northwich    
Croughton, George Millington      
Croxford, Pat Holmes Chapel      
Cubley, Derek Knutsford      
Cummings, Thelma Lillian Lostock Gralam    
Cummins, Nellie Northwich      
Cumpsty, Ian Knutsford      
Curbishley, Beryl Lostock Gralam      
Curbishley, William (Bill) Hartford  
Curbishley, Lucy Leftwich    
Curbishley, Norman Lostock Gralam