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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Daffurn, Godfrey Pickmere & formerly of Charlton Kings    
Daley, Mark James Steven Cuddington    
Daniel, Margaret (Allie) Knutsford  
Darbyshire, Colin Knutsford      
Darlington, Frank Greenbank    
Dartnall, Dora Knutsford        
Dauncey, Anne Rudheath      
Davenport, Royston (Roy) Knutsford  
Davenport, Gertrude Lower Peover  
Davenport, Delores Lola Lower Peover      
Davies, Nan Pickmere & Knutsford      
Davies, Doris Lostock Gralam
Davies, Kenneth Wincham, Northwich  
Day, Vera Lostock Gralam        
Deakin, Kenneth Whitegate    
Deakin, Maureen Lostock Gralam      
Deakin, Brian Leftwich    
Deakin, Annie Leftwich    
Dean, John Knutsford & formerly Pembroke    
Dean, Thomas Northwich      
Dean, Sheila Florence Knutsford    
Deegan, Angela Joy Sandiway, Northwich        
Delves, Phillip Henry Hartford    
Denton, Mary Leftwich  
Denton, John (Jack) Davenham  
Devereau, Kenneth Lostock Gralam        
Dewsbury, Geoffrey Lostock Green      
Dewsbury, Helena Beatrice Moulton    
Dickens, Carole Ann Cranage    
Ditchfield, Ruby Leftwich  
Diver, Sarah (Sadie) Northwich    
Dixon, Norman Wincham & formerly Lostock Gralam    
Dobbie, John Lang Leftwich  
Dobell, Thomas Russell Knutsford    
Domney, Harold Raymond Wincham      
Done, Florence Kathleen Barnton & formerly Rudheath      
Done, Gladys Irene Pickmere
Donnelly, Gladys Knutsford    
Doughty, Vincent Knutsford      
Drinkwater, George Rudheath      
Drinkwater, Donald Knutsford      
Drinkwater, Zilpha Castle
Driver, Esmee Great Budworth      
Duffield, Leslie Arthur (Duff) High Legh      
Duffill, Eileen Sale      
Dunn, Ann Hartford      
Dunn, Dorreen Northwich  
Dunn, Harry Barnton    
Dunning, Lucy      
Durn, Getrude Mary Plumley & formerly Cam, Gloucestershire    
Dutton, Ellen Leftwich  
Dutton, Mary Rudheath      
Dutton, Ann Patricia Leftwich  
Dutton, Thomas Castle, Northwich