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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Hagan, Sheila Barnton & formerly Northwich      
Hagan, Lillian Gertrude Castle    
Haig, William Gavin Mobberley      
Hall, Sandra Knutsford      
Hamilton, David Weaverham  
Hamilton, Lynne Barnton    
Hamlett, John Watson Moulton & formerly of Knutsford    
Hammond, George Richard Knutsford & formerly of Louth    
Hancock, Leslie Holmes Chapel  
Hancock, Mary Kathleen Moulton & formerly of Rudheath    
Hancock, Trevor Northwich    
Hankey, Annie Antrobus      
Hardman, Josephine (Jo) Cuddington    
Hardman, Fred Lach Dennis  
Hardy, Derek MacDonald Lower Peover      
Hardy, David Allostock      
Harfoot, Margaret Elizabeth Northwich      
Hargreaves, Robina Knutsford    
Hargreaves, Geoffrey Barnton      
Harper, Joan Knutsford  
Harris, Albert Edward (Ted) Knutsford  
Harrison, Willie (Bill) Winnington  
Harrison, Mary Weaverham  
Harrison, Muriel Altrincham      
Hartley, Dorothy Patricia (Dot) Castle, Northwich      
Hartley, Dr Kenneth Hartford    
Hartley, Monica Allostock & formerly Mobberley    
Hartley, Kathleen Beryl Knutsford      
Harvey, Emma Joan Barnton  
Hayes, Vi Greenbank & formerly Kirkdale, Liverpool    
Hayes, Derek Rudheath  
Hayes, Alan    
Hayes, Colin Lostock Gralam    
Hayes, Charles Thomas Anderton  
Hayes, Charles Northwich  
Hayes, Nellie Lostock Gralam      
Hayman, Ken Knutsford  
Hayward, Joan Lostock Gralam  
Hayward, James Knutsford    
Hazlehurst, Geoffrey Barber Plumley      
Heaton, Arthur Herbert Knutsford & formerly Wilmslow      
Hedgecock, Gordon Alfred Rowland Lostock Gralam      
Henshall, Robert William (Bob) Lostock Gralam  
Heys, Emily Irene Stoke on Trent      
Heywood, Lenny Northwich  
Heywood, Vera Stockton Heath      
Hibbert, Stanley Lower Withington & formerly Over Peover    
Hickson, Alf Hartford      
Hickson, Nellie Leftwich
Hickson, James Leftwich  
Higginson, Jill Mobberley    
Higson, Kenneth Rudheath & Barnton  
Hill, Marjorie Winnington & formerly Ellesmere Port  
Hill, Lilian Sandiway  
Hill, Jack Comberbach      
Hilton, Margaret Annie High Legh, Knutsford  
Hinchliffe, Thelma Wincham    
Hind, Tom William Lostock Gralam  
Hitchen, John (Jack) Lostock Gralam    
Hitchen, Freda Millicent Lostock Gralam    
Hitchens, Olive Lostock Gralam      
Hobley, John Stuart Wincham    
Hobley, Cecilia Wincham      
Hocquard, Phil Moulton  
Hodgkinson, Alice Weaverham    
Hodkinson, John Lostock Gralam      
Hodkinson, Andrew William Crewe    
Hodkinson, Emily Marston, Northwich  
Holcombe, Charles Davenham      
Holland, Mary Elizbaeth Weaverham  
Holt, Edna Mary Chelford, Cheshire    
Hooper, Derek Barnton    
Hooper, Timothy Douglas Hartford  
Hope, Jean Wincham      
Hope, Kenneth Wincham      
Hordle, Joan Mary    
Hordle, Donald Richard Winnington, Northwich  
Hornby, Philip Winnington
Horridge, Carol Lostock Gralam  
Horrigan, William (Bill) Great Budworth  
Horsfield, Margaret Knutsford      
Horton, William Percival (Percy) Leftwich  
Horton, Jack Northwich      
Horwill, Betty Hartford    
Hough, William Roger Hatton, Warrington      
Hough, Daid John Knutsford    
Houghton, Muriel Knutsford      
Houghton, Joan Delamere & formerly Lostock Gralam      
Houlbrooke, George Northwich    
Howard, Eric A H Congleton & formerly of Bispham      
Howarth, Ida Florence Knutsford      
Howe, Henry John William Knutsford    
Howell, Dorothy May Arley      
Hughes, Douglas Austin Northwich    
Hughes, Ellen Weaverham & formerly of Liverpool  
Hughes, Kitty Barnton    
Hughes, Geoffrey    
Hughes, Joan Margaret Bowdon, Cheshire      
Hughes, Margaret Knutsford      
Hulme M.B.E., J.P., Sydney Knutsford    
Hulse, Dorothy Lostock Gralam
Hulse, Rita Annie Lostock Gralam  
Hulse, Ivy Northwich    
Hulse, Joan Moulton      
Humphreys, Frank Pickmere      
Hunt, William Gerald Campion Northwich  
Hunt, Mary Northwich  
Hurstfield, Clifford Holmes Chapel
Hutchinson, Lilian Winnington & formerly Partington    
Hyett, Audrey Comberbach