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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Lamb, Tony (Rupert) Wincham & formerly Chorlton      
Lambert, Mary Ethel Lostock & formerly Northwich
Lancaster, Barbara Northwich      
Lane, George Knutsford      
Langler, Doreen Weaverham  
Langston, Jean Rudheath  
Langston, Frank William Weaverham  
Lath, Joan Cuddington      
Latham, John William (Bill) Wincham  
Latham, Doris "Dee" Formerley of Lostock Gralam      
Latham, Margaret Wincham      
Latta, Doreen Knutsford      
Lavelle, Joyce Rudheath & formerly Scunthorpe      
Lawson, Anthony Raymond Aston by Budworth      
Lea, Thomas Weaverham
Leach, James Patrick Leftwich
Leather, Ernest Rudheath    
Ledson, Josephine (Josie) Winnington  
Ledwards, Elsie May Knutsford    
Lee, Edith Moulton, Northwich      
Lee, Constance Lilian Comberbach      
Leech, Gabrielle Veronica Lostock Gralam        
Legard, Maud Delamere      
Leigh, Grace Miriam Lostock Gralam    
Leigh, Ronald Winnington  
Leigh, Brenda Knutsford      
Levy, Winifred Knutsford      
Lewis, Margaret Lostock Gralam  
Linaker, Patricia Knutsford    
Lishman, Edith Lynn Northwich  
Little, Margaret Edith Lostock Gralam      
Littler, Annie Great Budworth  
Littler, Marjorie Great Budworth      
Livesey, Florence Lostock Gralam    
Livesey, Austin Lostock Gralam      
Lloyd, Olwen Nantwich & formerly Dolgellau      
Lloyd, Karen Northwich      
Lock, Jonathan Mark Anthony Northwich      
Lockett, Mabel Leftwich    
Lockett, David John Northwich  
Lockwood, Frances Mary Knutsford  
Long, M uriel Edna Knutsford      
Lonsdale, Caroline Middlewich    
Lopawczuk, Stan Northwich      
Lowe, Sherry Allostock, Knutsford      
Lowe, Mary Clifford Northwich    
Lowe, Doris Northwich    
Lowery, Charles Northwich    
Ludlow, Irene Annie (Rene) Knutsford    
Lyth, Betty Mobberley