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deceased location FR DA AC FD
MacDonald, Stewart Ollerton & formerly of Knutsford  
MACDONALD, LUCY Northwich      
Macrae, William & Margaret Knutsford      
Maddock, Karen Northwich  
Maddock, Douglas Moulton  
Maddock, Peter Weaverham & formerly of Northwich & Winsford      
Maddocks, Pamela Ann Knutsford  
Maddox, Gordon Knutsford & formerly of Withall, Birmingham    
Makin, David Lower Peover    
Makin, Nannette Lower Peover      
Manley, Ian Joseph Leftwich & formerly of Greenbank      
Manners, David Marston    
Manners-Wood, Renee Knutsford      
Manners-Wood, Susan Knutsford      
Marsden, Philip Davenham Hall NH & formerly of Sandiway      
Marsh, Betty Appleton & formerly of Lymm      
Marshall, Canon Maurice Peter Cuddington      
Martin, Barry Knutsford & formerly Kenilworth      
Martinez, Barbara Hartford      
Mary, O'Reilly Lancashire Form of Knutsford      
Massey, Derek Wincham  
Massey, Martha Formerly of Lach Dennis & Rudheath      
Massey, Edna Northwich & formerly of Sale      
Mastin, Joyce Knutsford & formerly of Ollerton  
Mather, Adrian Hartford & formerly of Preston      
May, Fred Rudheath & formerly of Castle  
May, Leslie Knutsford      
McCabe, Hilary Castle  
McCabe, Michael (Mick) Castle  
McGowan, Marjorie Davenham    
McKay, Diana Georgina Snelson, Macclesfield      
McLaughlan, Allison The Barns, Davenham Hall & formerley of Knutsford      
Meade, Colin Knutsford    
MEARS, IRENE Wincham      
MERRIMAN, YVONNE Greenbank      
MERRIMAN, YVONNE Greenbank      
Merriman, Yvonne Greenbank      
Meskell, Con Allostock & formerly of Davenham      
Michalik, Anna Winnington      
Millar, John Salford & Hartford    
Miller, Les Goostrey      
Millington, Kenneth Firdale Park & formerly Anderton    
Mills, Tony Leslie Valentine Wincham    
Mills, Florence Weaverham  
Millson, Evelyn Knutsford & formerly of Scunthorpe      
MILNER, AVIS Knutsford      
Minshull, Elsie Davenham    
Minshull, Margaret Lower Peover      
Miodonski, Stephen Rudheath      
Mitchell, May Florence Oldfield Brow, Altrincham      
Mitchell, Marion Knutsford      
Mitchell, David Weaverham    
Molyneux, Betsy 'Betty' Northwich  
Moody, Alan Lower Peover  
Moore, James Frank Hale      
Moore, Robert Northwich    
Moore, Lily Knutsford      
Moore, Lily Knutsford      
Moore, Joyce Davenham    
Moore, Thomas Hartford    
MOORE, FREDA Northwich      
MOORE, FREDA Northwich      
MOORE, FREDA Northwich      
MOORE, ERIC Comberbach      
MOORES, RUSSELL Stanthorne      
Moran, Ena Northwich & formerly Rudheath      
MORAN, MARTHA Rudheath      
MORAN, MARTHA Rudheath      
Moran, Martha Rudheath      
Morgan, Brian Brereton    
Morley, Peter Barnton      
Morley, Gladys Rudheath  
Morrey, Derek Hartford  
MORRIS, EILEEN MARY Fallowfield      
MORRIS, EILEEN Fallowfield      
Moss, Mary (Ivy) Greenbank      
Moss, Frances Hartford      
MOSS, MALCOLM Northwich      
MOULDS, ANN Knutsford      
Mulley, George Stanley Rostherne      
Murphy, Dr Richard Oakmere      
Murray, Jean The Barns Davenham & formerly of Wincham      
MURRAY, PETER Baguley      
MUSKER Née Dawson, RHODA Barnton