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deceased location FR DA AC FD
MacBean, Iain Wincham & formerly Altrincham    
Mack, Margaret Wincham      
Maclean, Mary Lostock Gralam  
Maddock, Ken Winnington      
Maddock, Mary Mobberley, Knutsford      
Mainwaring, James G Northwich      
Mainwaring, Barbara Sandiway  
Mainwaring, Barry Lostock Gralam  
Mainwaring, Baby Bailey Northwich      
Makepeace, Brian Wilson Winsford      
Mann, Gregory Paul Barnton  
Mansfield, Gladys Ethel Haslington      
Manski, Emily Elizabeth Weaverham
Marchant, Ernest Anthony (Tony) Tabley      
Marrable, Christopher David Mere    
Marriott, Edward Walter Knutsford    
Martin, John Castle  
Mason, Lucy Elizabeth Northwich  
Mason, Edward Lostock Gralam    
Massey, Tom Lach Dennis      
Mather, Janet Knutsford      
Mather, Philip Sandiway & formerly Fulwood      
Mather, Margaret Crewe  
Maughan, Molly Rostherne    
Maxfield, James Northwich  
Maxted, Roger Allen leftwich      
Mayer, Simon Andrew Toft, Knutsford  
Mayoh, Ethel May Northwich & Formerley of Bolton  
McCabe, Colin James Lostock Gralam  
McCartney, Ronald Northwich    
McEwan, Reginald Knutsford      
McGhee, Reg Knutsford      
McKay, Mary Elizabeth Manchester      
McKee, Marjorie Northwich    
McKenzie, John Stuart Knutsford      
McKinnell, Dorothy Wharton, Winsford      
Meakin, Thomas Rudheath  
Medhurst, Ernest Donald Wincham    
Meggitt, Barry Rudheath & formerly of Runcorn  
Mellor, Sydney Crewe, Form of Northwich      
Merriman, Philip John Becroft Greenbank      
Michalik, William Winnington    
Miller, Lilian Irene Goostrey      
Milligan, Patricia Kathleen Knutsford    
Millington, John Edward Rudheath    
Millington, Phyllis Elizabeth Northwich    
Millington, Lily Northwich
Millington, Barbara Joyce Rudheath
Mills, Evelyn Knutsford & formerly of Plumley    
Milner, Christine Lloyd Macclesfield      
Minshull, Ann Leftwich  
Mitchell, Margaret Irene Northwich  
Moffat, Alexander Wincham & formerley of Bucklow Hill  
Moleas, Constantin Knutsford      
Monaghan, Lynn High Legh    
Monberg, Jan Lostock Gralam  
Monks, Margaret Knutsford & formerly Sale    
Moore, Jessie Winnington & formerly Barnton    
Moore, Karen Rostherne      
Moore, Evelyn (Eve) Lostock Gralam  
Moore, Evelyn Lostock Gralam    
Moore, Valerie Knutsford      
Moore, Peter Thomas Winsford    
Moore, Gladys Rudheath    
Moores, Audrey Prestatyn  
Moores, Kenneth Gerald Weaverham      
Moran, John Northwich    
Moreton, Marjorie Alice Greenbank    
Morgan, Deborah Mary    
Morton, John Watson Knutsford    
Moss, Derek Greenbank      
Moss, William Edwin Rudheath    
Mottershaw, Ruby Cynthia Northwich
Mounfield, Nora Sandiway & formerly Northwich      
Murphy, Alison Helen West Midlands      
Murphy, Gladys Hartford    
Murray, Don Wincham      
Murray, Madge Mary Lostock Gralam      
Musgrave, Gladys Formerley of Lostock Gralam