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deceased location FR DA AC FD
O'Halloran, Constance Cuddington    
O'Brien, Colin Stuart Goostrey      
O'Sullivan, Julie Hartford  
Oakes, James Frederick Lostock Green & Formerly Lach Dennis  
Oakes, Beryl Rudheath    
Oakes, Vivienne Rudheath      
Oakes, Kathleen Hartford  
Oakes, Raymond Rudheath    
Oakes, Mary Rudheath      
Oakes, George Barnton      
Ogden, Leigh Mobberley      
Ollier, Leonard Pickmere    
Ollier, Elsie May Moulton, Northwich  
Oram, Norman Leftwich  
Ormsby, Charles Edward Northwich
Osborne, Isabella Lymm      
Owen, Elizabeth Ronson Leftwich, Northwich    
Owen, Irene Elsie Wincham