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deceased location FR DA AC FD
PAGE, BETH Knutsford      
Page, Beth Knutsford      
Palfreyman, Jeannette Wincham      
Palin, Ethel Lostock Gralam  
Palin, Thomas 'Arthur' Moulton      
PALIN, OLIVE Barnton      
Parker, Ronald John Cuddington    
Parkinson, Betty Knutsford & formerly Timperley    
Parr, Elizabeth (Betty) Lach Dennis    
Parry, Margaret 'Beryl' Tabley Nursing Home & formerly Frodsham and Runcorn      
Partington, Geoffrey Goostrey      
PARTON, DAVID Hartford and formerly of Plumley      
PARTON, DAVID Hartford and formerly of Plumley      
PARTON, DAVID Hartford and formerly of Plumley      
Paterson, Isabel Weaverham & Northwich      
Paton, Mary Alice Lostock Gralam    
PATTIE, GLADYS Lach Dennis      
Peach, George Northwich  
Pearce, James Kenneth Knutsford    
Pearce, Doreen Knutsford      
Pedder, Arthur Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Chester & of Kelsall      
Pemberton, Denise Hartford  
Pemberton, Philip Castle, Northwich    
Pemberton, 'Ted' Edward Northwich  
Pemberton, Jessie Northwich      
Pemberton, Bessie (Betty) Formerly of Alan Street, Northwich    
Penny, Arthur Northwich & formerly of Davenham  
Penny, Elsie Davenham    
Percival, Hilde Lostock  
Perrin, Joan Marston    
Perry, David Arthur Northwich      
Perry, John Rudheath & formerly Lostock Gralam      
Perry, Pamela Sandiway    
Perry (nee Morris), Alison Jane Marton & formerly of Weaverham      
Peterson, Terence Knutsford      
Peterson, Jessie 'Jay' Mobberley & formerly of the Cedars, Warford Park and Knutsford      
Pettit, Margaret Louisa (Peggy) Knutsford      
PHILLIP, EILEEN Knutsford      
Phillips, Dawn Kathleen Lostock Gralam  
Phillips, Ann Knutsford      
Phillips, Fred Northwich    
Pickering, Norma Barnton and formerly of Acton Bridge    
Pickering, William Leftwich      
PICKERING , ERIC Hartford & formerly of Moulton      
PICKERING, ERIC Hartford      
Pickering, Eric Hartford      
Pickston, Andrew Weaverham    
Pickup, Lawrence Great Warford & formerly of Alderley Edge And Disley      
Pietsch, Doreen Northwich    
Pinter, Paul Winsford, Cheshire      
Platt, Lionel Lostock Gralam      
Platt, Denis Marston      
Platt, Ramona Daneside Court & formerly of Weaverham      
PLEYDELL, DOREEN Knutsford      
POMFRET, JEAN Wincham      
Poole, Mary Northwich      
Poole, Joyce May Lymm      
Porter, Norma Cuddington  
Porter, Rosie May Northwich      
Postles, William Leftwich      
Potts, Gladys Northwich  
Potts, Hilda Leftwich, Northwich  
Poynor, Peggy (Margaret) Knutsford    
Prescott, Katharine 'Mary' Rudheath  
Price, Michael Northwich      
Price, Queenie Northwich & Leftwich    
Priestner, John Warburton      
PRIMROSE, ENID Knutsford      
PRIMROSE, ENID Knutsford      
Pritchard, John Whitegate & formerly of Davenham  
Proctor, Gerald Knutsford      
Proctor, Gerald Knutsford      
Pryor, Adrian Tadley, Hampshire & formerly of Knutsford    
Pugh, Kian Northwich      
Pugh, Margaret Lower Peover & formerly The Duke of Portland, Lach Dennis    
Pugh, Kathleen Weaverham & formerly of Moulton    
Purdie, Stephen Castle & formerly of Kingsmead    
Pyatt, William Northwich & formerly of Denton      
Pye, Samuel Knutsford & formerly of Liverpool