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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Page, Graham John Knutsford      
Palfreyman, Harry Ivor Knutsford      
Palin, Brenda Moulton  
Palin, Harold Northwich
Palmer, Mary Hartford      
Parker, Andrew Scott Comberbach    
Parkin, Lucy Mobberley      
Parr, David George High Legh      
Parrott, Eunice Sandiway  
Parry, Ada Cuddington      
Parton, John Frederick Cuddington, Northwich      
Pass, Geoffrey Lostock Green, Northwich      
Paterson, Agnes Wilson Knutsford      
Paul, Mona Audlem  
Peach, Samuel Greenbank  
Pearce, Eileen Moulton    
Pearson, Jack Weaverham      
Pearson, Gwenda Knutsford      
Peers, Ivy Toft      
Pelling, Leonard Castle, Northwich  
Pemberton, James Abraham Rudheath      
Pemberton, Lewis Rudheath    
Pemberton, Charles Derrick Castle, Northwich  
Pendlebury, George Colin Wincham      
Pendlebury, Joan leftwich    
Pendlebury, Doris Patricia Wincham    
Percival, Eric Hatton    
Perrie, Kenneth James Edward Northwich    
Perrin, Harry Northwich  
Perry, Harry Hartford      
Peters, David Lostock Gralam formerley Weaverham      
Phillips, Lena Lostock Gralam    
Phillips, Leslie Greenbank    
Phillips, Albert Lostock Gralam  
PHILLIPS, William Leonard (LEN) Northwich  
Pickering, Charlie Weaverham & formerly Castle    
Pickering, Violet Weaverham
Pickering, Jean Weaverham    
Pickin, Brian Knutsford    
Pickles, Stanley Lynham Northwich      
Pickstone, Eric Lostock Green      
Pickup, Doris Toft  
Platt, Colin Lostock Gralam  
Platt, Hannah Knutsford  
Platt, Sarah Mary Lostock Gralam      
Poole, Elsie Elizabeth Knutsford  
Poole, Frederick Thomas Northwich    
Poole, Ruby Northwich      
Poole, Mary Leftwich    
Porter, Charles Eric Cuddington    
Potts, Marjorie Ann Knutsford    
Poynor, John Woolstan Knutsford      
Poynton, Muriel Lostock Gralam      
Preen, Florence Davenham  
Preston, Mary Northwich    
Preston, Elizabeth Anne (Betty Rudheath      
Preston, Mary Jane Northwich      
Price, John Alan Rudheath      
Priest, Susan Knutsford      
Priestner, Ethel Mary Dunham Massey      
Pritchard, Cyril William Knutsford and formerly Luton      
Prokop, Margaret May Leftwich  
Proudfoot, Muriel Formerly of Hartford      
Proudman, Christopher Craig Northwich        
Proudman, Daniel Lee (Baby) Greenbank      
Provan, Mary Hartford      
Puffett, Doris Moulton      
Pugh, June Knutsford and formerly Lymm      
Pugh, Harold Lower Peover & formerly of Knutsford & Lach Dennis    
Pugh, John Michael Northwich    
Purdie, Caitlin Erika Davenham      
Purdie, Cathleen Barnton      
Purslow, Donald Bryan Davenham
Pye, Irene Northwich    
Pye, Maurice Rudheath