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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Sadler, Jim Rudheath    
Saint, Fred Knutsford    
Salmon, Mary Acorn Hollow Nursing Home & of Rudheath      
Salmon, Tony Rudheath    
Sancto, Elaine Knutsford    
Sandbach, Jack Northwich      
Sandbach, Veronica Winnington    
Sandland, Keith Whatcroft, Northwich  
Scanlon, Margaret Millington      
Scanlon, Thomas Clifford Rangemore      
Scarisbrick, Evelyn Redwalls Nursing Home, Sandiway      
Scott, Patricia Tabley House Care Home & formerly of Sandiway    
Seaton, Margaret Lostock Gralam & formerly of Hale      
Seatree, Elaine Northwich  
Seeley, Rita Delores Stevenage & Tabley      
SENIOR, COLIN Rudheath      
SENIOR, COLIN Rudheath      
Severn, Frank Redwalls Care Home & formerly of Hartford      
Shallcross, Kenneth & Elizabeth Great Budworth    
Sharps, Joan Ethel Davenham      
Sharps, Frank Barnton, Northwich    
Sharps, Cynthia Barnton      
Shaw, Ronald Over Peover, Knutsford      
Shaw, Frank Winnington  
SHAW, ROLAND Lostock Green      
SHAW, DOUGLAS Rudheath      
Shennan, Val Sandiway      
Sheppard, Hiley Knutsford      
Sherwood, Arthur Cuddington      
Sherwood, Florence Cuddington      
Shorrock, Suzy Goostrey      
Simcock, Irene Westwood Court Nursing Home, Winsford & formerly Rudheath  
Simmons, Nellie Wincham & formerly Rudheath  
Simpson, James Francis Barnton  
Singleton, William (Bill) Weaverham  
Sivyer, Jeanette 'Jenny' Lostock Green    
Skinner, Barbara Knutsford  
Slater, Kenneth Rudheath  
Slater, Alan Sandiway    
Small, Joan Delamere Park      
Smallwood, Joyce Lostock Gralam    
Smith, Doreen Mary Chelford      
Smith, Margaret Knutsford      
Smith, Mary Allostock  
Smith, Lilian Winnington    
Smith, Tom Mere      
Smith, Arnold Knutsford      
Smith, Gary Knutsford      
Smith , Lance Little Wenlock      
Smyth, Gloria Joan Northwich      
Southern, Helena (lena) Castle  
Southern, Ernest Middlewich    
Southern, James (Hutty) Lostock Gralam    
Southern, Isabella (Bella) Castle & formerly of Leftwich  
Southwood, Richard Davenham      
Spann, Nellie Whitegate  
Spann, William Whitegate  
SPENCER, ROSE Northwich      
Sproston, William Leftwich    
Spruce, Emily Rangemere & formerly of Mere      
Stanisstreet, Peter Thomas High Legh  
Stanley, David Roy Barnton      
STANLEY , SAMUEL Northwich      
Stansfield, Eric Acorn Hollow & Lostock Gralam      
Steven, Margaret Elizabeth Lostock Gralam      
Stevenson, John Andrew (Jack) Northwich    
Stevenson, James 'Jimmy' Knutsford      
Stiles, Robin Lostock Gralam    
Stiles, Ethel Wincham  
Stirzaker, Peter Sandiway      
Stockton, Lilian Weaverham      
Stockton, Mona Acorn Hollow Nursing Home    
Stokes, Ethel May Cuddington      
Storey, Barry Winnington    
Stott, John Macclesfield    
STREET , RUTH Leftwich      
Streeton, Grace Crewe & formerly of Lostock & Wincham      
Streeton, John Lostock Gralam      
Stubbs, Alan Northwich  
Stubbs, John Rudheath & formerly of Lostock Gralam  
Stubbs, Michael Cuddington      
Stubbs, Roger Middlewich  
Sullivan, Joan Northwich    
Sutcliffe, Roberta 'Bobbie' Northwich & formerly of Sale      
Sutton, Paul Antrobus      
Swann, Doris Mary Knutsford    
Sweeney, John Little Budworth    
Sweeney, Joseph Comberbach  
Symms, Roger Comberbach & formerly of Cheltenham