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deceased location FR DA AC FD
Sallaway, Geoffrey Lawrence Knutsford      
Sancto, Arthur Edward Knutsford  
Sandbach, Leslie Northwich    
Sandbach, Ian Comberbach  
Sandbach, Dorothy Northwich  
Sanderson, Geoff Winsford & formerly Knutsford    
Sanderson, Derek Northwich    
Sanderson, George Winsford & formerly of Knutsford    
Sanderson née Beresford, Frances Adswood, Stockport      
Sargeant, Keith Minshall Allostock      
Saunders, Edward Harold Northwich    
Saunders, Ivy Knutsford      
Savage, Gladys Northwich & Gloucestershire      
Savill, Leonard Peter Knutsford      
Schaper, Harald Winsford      
Schofield née Barrow, Donella Warrington  
Scholes, James Dennis Millington,      
Scott, Nancy Castle, Northwich  
Scott, Brenda Weaverham & formerly Castle  
Seacombe, Joan Allostock      
Seddon, Emma Arley      
Selwa, Tadeusz Ryszard Hartford & formerly Sandiway    
Shakeshaft, Nellie Knutsford
Shallcross, Jean Ann Rudheath      
Shard, Wilfred (Bill) Knutsford      
Sharman, Jeffrey Winsford  
Sharp, Alex Wincham      
Sharples, Irene Ollerton, Knutsford      
Sharrocks, Bob Tabley    
Shaw, Susan Elizabeth Hartford  
Shaw, Alma Moulton    
Shead, Hilda Lilian Macclesfield  
Sheard, Philip Raymond Lostock Gralam      
Shelmerdine, Brenda Ann KIngsmead, Northwich      
Shelton, Robert A. J. Knutsford    
Shepherd, Beryl Beatrice Lostock Gralam      
Sheppard, Barbara Knutsford      
Sherwin, Dennis William Millington      
Shorrock, Joan Agnes Sandiway, Northwich      
Sidebotham, Phyllis Maud Rudheath  
Silker, Brenda Cuddington
Simcock, Alice Northwich & formerly Marston
Simmons, Charles Wincham & formerly Northwich  
Simpson, Freda May Middlewich      
Singleton, Joyce Patricia Mary Weaverham  
Skyrme, Ethel Annie Lower Peover      
Slaney, John Anderton & formerly Spurstow    
Slater, Isobel Laurie Winnington      
Smallwood, Bryan Worrall Northwich  
Smart, Kenneth Knutsford      
Smith, Rev David John Winsford and formerly Surrey      
Smith, Sylvia Frances Mobberley & formerley of Knutsford      
Smith, Joan Northwich    
Smith, Roger Winsford        
Smith, Doris Knutsford      
Smith, Lilian Chelford      
Smith, Ruth Northwich    
Smith, William John Formerley of Lostock Gralam  
Smout, John Brian Moulton    
Snape, Mary Cheshire & formerly Maindee      
Snowdon, Lilian Alderley Edge  
Sochacki, Stanislaw Rudheath      
Sorah, Doris Northwich      
South, David Arthur    
Southern, Gladys Kate Lostock Gralam    
Speed, Stanley Nantwich    
Spencer, Sheralynne Northwich  
Spencer, Brian Robert Plumley    
Spencer, Dorothy (Dot) Lostock Gralam  
Spencer, John Jack Lostock Gralam    
Spencer, John Kenneth Holmes Chapel      
Sproston, Betty Plumley  
Sproston, Peter High Legh      
Spruce, Nessa Castle, Northwich  
Stagg, Violet Rudheath      
Stagg, Cyril Lostock Green    
Stagg, John Davenham    
Stanton, Bill Knutsford    
Stanway, Cassie Rayner Hartford    
Statter, Hubert "Bert" Knutsford      
Steenson, Elizabeth Crewe      
Stenhouse, Kenneth Sandiway, Northwich      
Stevens, Gladys Middlewich    
Stevenson, Joan Northwich    
Stewart, J. Gordon Knutsford      
Stewart, Raymond Knutsford    
Stimson, John Northwich    
Stockall, Norman Castle  
Stockton, Alexandra Winsford & formerly Hartford
Stokes, Joyce Lostock Gralam formerley of Hartford      
Stone, Elizabeth Knutsford      
Street, Frances Mobberley    
Stuart-Smith, David Knutsford      
Stubbings, Nora Mary Cheadle Hulme        
Sullivan, Betty Wincham      
Sutton, Chris Leftwich      
Sutton, Harold Leslie Leftwich      
Swain, Robert David Knutsford      
Swann, Mary Elizabeth Northwich & formerly Frodsham    
Sweeney, David George Leftwich      
Swift-Simpkin, Valerie Winsford    
Swift-Simpkin, Charles Wincham      
Swift-Simpkin, Prescott Northwich      
Swindells, George Ernest Davenham  
Symms, Peter Comberbach    
Szostek, Nancy Northwich