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deceased location FR DA AC FD
WADDELL, KATHLEEN Knutsford & Goostrey      
Walker, Steph Wimslow  
Walker, Nancy Northwich  
Walker, Olive Northwich      
Walker, Raymond Rudheath    
Walker, Florence Barnton & formerly of Northwich      
WALKER, FRANK Knutsford      
Wallace, Jeanne Knutsford      
Walters, James Graham Knutsford & formerly of Burnage      
Walton, Joan Rudheath    
Warburton, Christine Goostrey  
Warburton, Gillian Comberbach & formerly of Wincham    
Ward, Ronald Redwalls Nursing Home & formerly Hartford      
Warr, Bernard Lower Peover      
Waterman, Anthony Lostock Gralam    
Watt, Jeffrey Davenham & of Hartford      
Watt, Sam "Ginger" Knutsford      
Watters, John Knutsford      
Weaver, Jean Stockport      
Webster, Aileen Snelson, Macclesfield      
Webster, Brian Mere    
Weedall, Brian Hartford  
Westwood, Norah Raphael Cuddington      
WESTWOOD, DIANNE Cuddington      
Westwood, Dianne Northwich      
Whalley, Gilbert Paulden Plumley, Knutsford      
Whalley, Joan Greenbank  
WHALLEY, MARION Knutsford      
Wheatley, Eric Crowther Knutsford & formerly of Bradford  
Wheatley, Thea Knutsford & formerly of Bradford    
Whitby, Arthur Wincham  
White, Robert William Douglas Knutsford    
White, Margaret Audrey Knutsford      
White, Janet Knutsford & formerly of Widnes    
WHITE , ROBERT Knutsford      
WHITE, STANLEY Knutsford      
Whitehead, Rachel Mildred Elizabeth Knutsford      
Whitehead, Roy Knutsford      
Whitehead, George Knutsford      
WHITFIELD, FRED Weaverham      
WHITFIELD, FRED Weaverham      
WHITFIELD, FRED Weaverham      
WHITLOW , RODNEY Lostock Gralam      
WHITLOW, ROD Lostock Gralam      
Whittaker, Gaynor Jayne Northwich  
Whittaker, Leila Knutsford    
Whittingham, Agnes Rudheath & formerly Winsford      
Whittle, Violet Hartford      
Wignall, Carolyn Sheila Lymm      
Wilkinson, John formerly of Stud Farm, Appleton & Walton  
Wilkinson, Marjorie Weaverham & formerly Winnington    
Willacey, Linda Ann Northwich      
Willcock, Elizabeth Ivy Winsford        
Willcock, Wallace Rudheath      
Williams, Ruth Mo Knutsford  
Williams, Alan Rudheath    
Williams, Irene Daneside Court & formerly Hartford    
Williams, Richard Moss Weaverham, Northwich    
Williams, Brian Warrington & formerly Wythenshawe      
Williams, Marjorie Knutsford  
Wilson, William Mobberley      
Wilson, Margaret Holmes Chapel      
Wilson, John Anthony Winsford      
Wilson, Robert (Bob) Hartford & Cuddington  
Wilson, Jean Crossways Residential Care Home & formerly Weaverham    
Wilson, Hubert Hartford & formerly of Davenham      
Wilson, Willie Delamere Park & formerly of Brightons, Falkirk, Scotland      
Wilson, Alma Lostock Gralam & formerly of Lower Withington    
WILSON, SHIRLEY Hartford & formerly Knutsford      
WILSON, SHIRLEY Hartford      
Winward, Richard High Legh & Millington    
Wood, Roy Marston  
WOOD, JOHN Knutsford and formerly Macclesfield      
Woodier, John 'Spud' Daneside Court Nursing Home & Rudheath    
Woodier, David Winnington & formerly of Mobberley      
Woodier, Keith Rudheath      
WOODS M.B.E., RONALD Davenham      
Woodward, Jessie Lostock Gralam      
Wooldridge, Janet North Wales & formerly of Plumley      
Wooldridge, Revd John Wollaton, Nottingham formerly of Knutsford      
Worrall, Stanley Northwich & formerly Lostock Gralam  
WORRALL, HARRISON Lostock Gralam      
Wright, Albert Higher Marston      
Wright, Sarah (Sadie) Formerly of Saughall  
WRIGHT, WALLY Knutsford      
Wynne, Ailsa Northwich & formerly of Lower Castle Park