Dodgson and Bell - The website of Dodgson's Fineral Service in Knutsford & George Bell Funeral Service of Northwich

Chapels of Rest

We have Chapels of Rest at Victoria Street, Knutsford where families are made most welcome to visit
by appointment. We also have Chapels of Rest at Lostock Green, Northwich which is conveniently
placed for the Lower Peover, Plumley and Pickmere areas if preferred.

No appointment is required to visit the Chapel of Rest at NORTHWICH during normal office hours
but an appointment is necessary at other times and at weekends and Bank Holidays.

Visiting our Chapel of Rest at KNUTSFORD requires an appointment at all times, but we try to accommodate any reasonable request with prior warning.

Care of the Deceased

We take great pride in the level of care extended to the Deceased, using hygienic treatment whenever practicable with no additional cost. Existing staff are fully trained to do this work and we endeavour to introduce new staff via a structured training programme.

As a result of this caring work, the onset of natural changes which occur after death are normally delayed, leaving a peaceful, natural and more pleasing memory.

On the Day of the Funeral

We take responsibility for:-

  1. Coffin and Bearers
  2. Transport of the Main Mourners as arranged
  3. Directing the Main Mourning Party into and out of the service
  4. Listing everyone who attends
  5. Listing Floral Tributes and Donations
  6. Settling all relevant fees
  7. Arranging for further consultation to discuss obituaries and acknowledgements as required

Floral Tributes and/or Donations

You will need to decide whether to permit flowers from all those who wish to send, restrict them to the wider family or, perhaps, limit them to yourself and immediate family members.

Floral Tributes

  1. We can arrange them for you
  2. We usually list them for your record
  3. We are able to distribute them afterwards to hospitals etc but only with your permission.
  4. They can be taken to a grave or left on the grave when the funeral is a Burial. If your preference is to restrict flowers to the Family, other people will usually wish to be guided as to your preference for Charitable Donations.


  1. We receive them when taking names at Church and afterwards.
  2. For your record we list the source of all donations and the amounts given.
  3. After consultation with you, we send the donations to your specified charity and request that a receipt be dispatched.


We tailor make Service Sheets which may include photographs; the order of service and your choice of hymns and poems etc in consultation with the minister taking the service.

We also print In Memorium cards often used as a bookmark or keepsake; maps and directions; announcement cards and acknowledgement cards containing your own wording or we have available a selection of other wordings pre-printed on cards and supplied with envelopes.


We are able to arrange for catering at your home. All crockery is supplied and food is brought ready prepared on trays for serving, taking everything away for washing afterwards.

Alternatively we can arrange for catering at a venue or other preferred options.

Press Announcements

We have contacts with most major publications and are able to place press announcements in National or Local Newspapers on your behalf.

Some publications will only accept announcements and acknowledgements from Funeral Firms and not direct from Relatives, unless placed in writing with an extra notification period.

Funerals - Planned in Advance

We frequently receive requests to record, in advance, preferences in the arrangements for a funeral. This usually occurs when people are concerned for the fact that they have no family to carry out their wishes or, in their desire to communicate instructions properly, are anxious to avoid an embarrassing family discussion.

We are always happy to discuss initial plans over the telephone prior to meeting by appointment. Records are kept on file for future reference but these in no way imply commitment to a fixed plan. Consequently, it is easy to update records as circumstance or ideas change, giving full peace of mind.