Dodgson and Bell - The website of Dodgson's Fineral Service in Knutsford & George Bell Funeral Service of Northwich
Our extensive experience enables us to arrange for:
  • A funeral locally
  • A funeral away any distance
  • A funeral abroad
for a person who has:-
  • died locally
  • died away
  • died abroad

It is advisable to consult with us at an early stage in order to decide upon the options available, particularly
if the circumstances appear difficult or complicated.

You need to decide on Cremation or Burial.


We attend to the additional documentation which is required for a Cremation, any fees payable
on your behalf being itemised on the final account.

Most Crematoria have adequate facilities for a full funeral service in pleasant surroundings - often with facilities to sing hymns - although there are no extra charges when a Church Service is held before going to the Crematorium.

Points to Consider

Crematoria in this area are situated at Altrincham, Macclesfield, Crewe, Chester, Manchester, Widnes, Eccles and Stockport. Seating is limited at some of these and a short committal ceremony can often be more private if non-family mourners attend at church only.

It is usual for an appointment to be made in order to witness the final resting place of the remains.


We arrange with the appropriate authorities for the opening of a grave for the Burial. In this area we are served by both Public Cemeteries and SOME Churchyards where Burial is still available.

Public Cemeteries

Everyone has the right to purchase a grave in a Public Cemetery, although non-residents of the Borough owning the Cemetery are required to pay double or treble fees, dependent upon local bye-laws.

Available space in existing graves can be used by relatives of the grave owner, usually on production of the original grave deed or, alternatively, a signed statutory cemetery indemnity form if the grave deed has been lost.


A churchyard which still accepts burials is known as an Open Churchyard. Usually there are no Grave Deeds; the Church Registers being the Statutory Records.

A churchyard which no longer accepts burials is known as a Closed Churchyard.

Those eligible to request a Burial in an Open Churchyard are:-

  1. Residents living within the Parish Boundaries.
  2. Regular attenders at the church, whose names appear on the church Electoral Register but who do not necessarily reside within the Parish Boundaries.
  3. Others, including temporary residents, who die within the Parish Boundaries.
  4. Anyone wishing to use available space within an existing family grave and who has the permission of the nearest relatives of the person already buried there.

Points to Consider

  1. Only two of our local Public Cemeteries have a Chapel where a small funeral service may be conducted.
  2. Although possible, it is unusual to conduct a grave side service, the customary procedure being to use a local church for the service and then proceed to the cemetery.
  3. It is quite acceptable to use a person's regular Church for the service and then proceed to another Churchyard for the burial.
  4. A grave that is full with burials may still be available for Cremation Caskets in a Cemetery or Open Churchyard.