The Coroner


It is advisable to consult us at an early stage when the Coroner is involved, since the procedure can be
complicated and confusing. The procedure varies according to the circumstances of the death, but
a brief summary follows for your information.

The Coroner will be involved if: 

  1. The death was un-expected or the cause of death is not certain.
  2. The death is by accident or is an un-natural death.

Coroner's Inquiry (With Inquest)

If the death occurs by accident or foul play, no documents will be available until after the Coroner has conducted his preliminary findings. The cause of death must be established together with the circumstances surrounding the death and evidence of correct identity.
An Inquest is then opened. Relatives are not always required to attend and only after the preliminary findings are received by the Coroner is the paperwork then issued for the funeral to proceed.
No documentation is available for the registration until after the subsequent full inquest, which could be delayed by a number of weeks. The police usually advise you of the Full Inquest date, place and time.

Coroner's Inquiry (No Inquest)

  1. In cases of unexpected death where the Doctor is uncertain of the cause and/or sometimes when there has been a fall, the Coroner will order a Post Mortem Examination, after which a Coroner's Cause of Death Certificate is issued and the Registration can be completed.We require the Registrar's Green Certificate for Burial (but not for Cremation) as the Coroner will issue a special certificate directly to us for the latter.
  2. When a Doctor feels the Cause of Death is known, but legal technicalities prevent the issue of a Cause of Death Certificate.
The Coroner is empowered to permit a Doctor to issue the Certificate after discussing the case history, although some Coroners also insist on the facts being presented in writing. The Cause of Death certificate is issued without a post mortem and normal Registration takes place once the Coroner has issued a Special Document of Authority which we obtain. Registration is therefore slightly delayed.