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Grieving is natural and right when someone you love dies. Your own personality and background will affect the way you grieve. Some people weep, others become quiet, and some need to talk to someone. Weeping in private or in public is a common experience at this time. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Your family and friends really do understand, since most are suffering, or have suffered, just as you are.

Lean upon your loved ones and your Faith, if you have one. Be glad of the happy memories which make parting so difficult now, but will sustain you in the future. Don't be afraid to seek out the strength which the Minister of the Local Church can give you at such a time, even if you have never met him before, just as you would seek out your local Doctor the first time you were ill.

Whatever your feelings now, take heart that the experience of those who have also previously lost those they loved, have found that Time, Faith and the support of Family and Friends heals the wounds of the present. You will be able to face the future with renewed hope and confidence.

Do not feel guilty if your feelings are of relief that the one who has, or would have, suffered is now relieved of all pain. Your grief will come later, but you can rightly rejoice in the removal of pain and suffering.

The Death has not brought you to the 'End of the Book' but to 'The End of a Chapter' of the book of life and in your own time you will be able to 'Turn the Page' and set out on a 'New Chapter'.